Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Abigail is one!

One year ago I sat in a hospital room, sniffing, cuddling and soaking in a brand new baby. Now, that tiny little baby, who was my first baby to be born without an induction, the seventh blessing in our growing family, is ONE.

How is that possible?

Some how that sweet little baby we've all ooohed and ahhhhhed over has grown into a curious, crawling baby that EVERYONE continually dotes over.

abigail 4

Isn't she lovely?

abigail 3

I snapped a few photos of her about a month ago. I've started a small little photography business, even though I've still got LOADS to learn. It's a nice hobby.

Anyway, our sweet baby girl has been a beautiful distraction considering our last year's events. Cuddling with her in the calm of a dark room, nursing her quietly as she falls asleep in my arms, hearing her giggle, laugh and squeal at her siblings has been soothing balm to our hearts.

And, as her little personality emerges, I'm looking forward to learning the quirks, habits and character that God has planted into our tiniest treasure.

abigail 5

Last night we went out to eat Mexican food for her birthday, something that's becoming an unplanned family tradition. Because what else says "Birthday" other than chips, salsa, Mexican food and mediocre cupcakes?

Our sweet girl is ALWAYS smiling.

Abigail's first birthday (1 of 11)

This girl is curious. Always wondering what is going on and usually breaking out into a crawl-sprint to find out.

Abigail's first birthday (2 of 11)
"What 'cha doin' there, Dad?"

At first she was so shocked that everyone was singing, to her, in unison.

Abigail's first birthday (3 of 11)

Then, she decided she liked it. A lot.

Abigail's first birthday (4 of 11)

Abigail's first birthday (6 of 11)

Abigail's first birthday (7 of 11)

Then, it was time to DIVE IN. So delicately, she tasted the icing.

Abigail's first birthday (8 of 11)

Then, she was all in.

Abigail's first birthday (9 of 11)

She kept looking at Luke and I as if to ask, "I'm really allowed to eat this? And make a huge mess?"

Abigail's first birthday (10 of 11)

Our sweet, baby girl. Already a year old.

Abigail's first birthday (11 of 11)

First birthdays bring so much bittersweetness to my heart. I'm thrilled because I know that the last year has been filled with sleepless nights, countless feedings, lots of baby wearing and diapers galore and soon, most of that will be a thing of the past. But it's also sad that we will quickly watch this young baby turn into a toddler who needs less and less of Momma and is eager to walk, explore and wean.

We made it to a full year of nursing! Something I've not been able to accomplish with any of the other children. My plan is to allow her to self-wean, though with each day she's becoming less and less interested, I'm afraid.

At one year old, Abigail is cruising on furniture, has eight teeth, can sign milk, more, eat, and all done. She loves the dog and shows no interest in wanting to walk. She says Mom, Dad and Dog and can emit the most shrill scream of delight in an older sibling who is trying to make her laugh.

She is thrilled to see Daddy come home at the end of every day and is addicted to her pacifier.

When she was about 4 months old I bought 4 little ducks on the clearance rack at Target. All of our kids have "lovies" we've bought them as we've transitioned them from our room to their own bed and bedrooms. Abigail wasn't having anything to do with any of those ducks. Instead, she adopted her old swaddle blanket as her lovey and she sleeps with it smashed over her face. She loves it and it freaks me out.

She loves to be held, likes to be in the mix with all the other kids and won't shy away from a good cuddle. She has the most delicious dimple on her right cheek and every time she smiles and it comes into view I can't keep from kissing it.

Certainly this sweet baby girl is a delight to us all. Happy first birthday Abigail Mercy. How I love you so very much!

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  1. I follow along mostly quietly, but I so love your blog & your heart. I can barely believe that your Abigail is one! She is beautiful & so blessed to have such an amazing family to love her. :)


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